Instagram Ad Types For Your Upcoming Social Media Advertising Strategy In 2023

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Innovation has been central to how we live and work and everything we make. And there’s no doubt that these inventions have changed our lives and how we do things now. Innovation is good because it makes our lives easier. For example, look at the Internet. When the Internet came along, it pretty much changed how we live, and it will continue to change us in big ways for decades to come.

Kinds of Instagram Ads

Photo Ads

Since sharing photos is the most popular thing to do on Instagram, this is the most common type of ad. Once upon a time, the photo-sharing option was just a way for Instagram users to send pictures to people they followed or were connected with through Instagram. People now use photos for advertising products, services, brands, events, and more.

Photo ads need to have content related to the product or service being promoted, inventive captions that tell people more about the product or service, tags of the brand(s) and individuals involved, and pertinent hashtags so that the right people can find the post faster.

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Sponsored Ads

Sponsored ads are accessible to business accounts on Instagram, so the brand can use paid ads to promote their posts. These ads appear on the target audience’s home feed and have a direct link to a website, an online store, or the brand’s profile.

This makes it possible for the brand to sell its product or service directly to its TG, which increases its reach and following. Sponsored ads are a great way for brands to get more people to enter their contests and giveaways. Getting more people involved is also important, and sponsored ads help steer people to the business’ profile.

Mapped – Guided ads

Many brands haven’t used this ad, buy BMW recently used it to let people build their cars. This uses the tagging feature to send people from one page to another, depending on their chosen customization option. The result is a photo of the car they should buy based on their preferences. From there, they can touch BMW directly to move things along.

It’s a clever way to use tags to guide people through blog posts and keep them interested and involved. A mapped ad would work well for a brand based on a product and get more people to click on it. Setting up a mapped ad can be tricky and take some time, but it will get people’s attention.

Story Ads

Instagram stories are very popular, and almost 80% of active Instagram users post stories at least twice or three times a week. There is also a big group of users who post stories regularly, which means that stories bring in a lot of traffic. So, story ads are all about smart placement and targeting.

Most of the time, story ads appear when a consumer switches between two accounts. A swipe-up option on these ads takes you back to the brand’s profile or website. This is a wonderful way to send people to the page and content of a brand.

Before another story comes up, story ads only show up for a few seconds, and once they’re gone, you can’t see them again. This is likely the only problem with the choice. But most users know this, so if they’re curious enough, they’re more likely to “swipe up.” We showed you some great Instagram post ads to give you ideas.

Video Ads

Many brands make video ads just for digital media because the number of people who watch them is much higher than with other media. Instagram usually only lets you post 30 to 60 seconds long videos, so brands change their video content to fit and either post-full-length ads or teasers for the ads.

Video ads that are creative and interesting work very well because so many people watch them. If the promotion is done right, the number of views can triple in a few minutes.

IGTV ads

Instagram’s IGTV is a fairly new feature that brands and thought leaders use to post videos that aren’t necessarily ads but aren’t necessarily just for fun. For instance, when Rihanna launched her beauty line Fenty Beauty, she used IGTV to post tutorials and reviews of her products from real customers.

Like on YouTube, people can still watch these videos whenever they want. It worked out well with the brand, and more and more people are asking for more videos like that. On IGTV, people can post videos up to 20 minutes long. This is longer than the limit for posting videos on Instagram feeds.

Carousel ads

Carousel ads are a good alternative if posting each photo or video isn’t enough. With these kinds of Instagram ads, a user can swipe through 3–4 images that all promote the same ad, but this keeps them on the same post for longer. If a post with several photos is promoted, a carousel ad can also be sponsored.

Again, backlinking is possible, and it’s great for brands trying to sell a new product or service. Brands don’t have to put all their information on a single photo or video. Instead, they can break up their content and send more information to give viewers a better understanding. Marketing on Instagram is not only a good idea but also easy to do.

A brand has many ways to promote its content, and because there are so many active users, the daily audience is large. With how things are going, more ad-friendly features will likely be added to popular social media sites, as the number of companies using them is also likely to grow.


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