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Instagram is a popular way to stay in touch with family, friends, coworkers, and customers. Since there are so many reasons to get an Instagram account, it’s not surprising that you’d like to try on a lot of different roles and appeal to many different people. But you’ll lose fans if you try too difficult to impress everyone.

Even though it might seem like too much work, you should think about making and taking care of multiple Instagram accounts to meet your different needs. Instagram understands this need and makes it easy for users to create 5 different accounts and switch between them.

How to Open an Instagram Account

You must make a new account before adding it to your list. If you already have one account, log in to it and do the following:

        Go to your page about yourself.

        Tap the gear icon.

        Tap the icon with the gears.

        Click “Add Account.”

        Click “Sign Up” at the bottom of the page.

        Pick the way you want to join. Note that you can’t use Facebook again if you’ve already used it for your current account.

        Enter the information for the way you want to sign up.

        If you need to, check the account.

        Follow the instructions to complete your profile.

        Create a different username. Make sure it’s different from your other accounts in a good way.

You can now access your new account. When logged in to this account, you can’t see your other posts or follow others.

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How to link an existing account

Having more than one login is only part of the solution. After making the login, you need to link it with your other accounts. This will create it much simpler to switch between accounts without having to log in again.

        Go to the profile of an Instagram account that is still in use.

        Tap the gear icon.

        Tap the icon with the gears.

        Click “Add Account.”

        Log in to the system for the account you want to add. Note that this account shouldn’t be the one you’re currently using.

With this method, you can link up to five different Instagram accounts to the same app.

Allow push notifications

If you have push declaration turned on for your existing account, you’ll get updates about likes, followers, and other things. But how do you understand which account such notifications belong to? Instagram says that if you have push notifications turned on for an account, you will get them. Just be cautious not to get them mixed up.

        Go to the account in question’s profile.

        Tap the “Options” button.

        Tap the icon with the gears.

        Tap “Messages.”

        Click Notifications.

        Change how you want to be notified.

Switch Accounts: The App

Once you’ve made your accounts and linked them, it’s easy to switch between them. This is simple to do with the Instagram app. In the bottom right corner, click the profile symbol. Next, tap your account name at the top right of the screen. Then, tap the account you want to take care of.

Changing Between Accounts: Desktop

If you use the Desktop site to handle your two (or more) accounts, you can’t switch between them as easily as you can with the app. So, if you need to switch accounts, what can you do? You’ll need to click on your profile icon and choose “Log out” from the menu. Make sure you want to log out of your profile.

Next, click the Change Accounts connection at the bottom of the page. Sign in with the information for the account you want to manage. Your account will now be saved on the website. When you use that web browser to go to Instagram, you click “Log In” on the account you want to use.

Account Recovery

You can connect more than one Instagram account to the same phone number or email, but you should be careful. If you ever need to get back into one of those accounts, this could be a problem.

If Instagram isn’t sure which account you’re trying to get into, it might only let you reset the password with one account while trying to get into another. Because of this, Instagram users should set up each account with a different email address or phone number.

Account Removal or Deletion

Taking an account off your list is easy; if you want to add it back, it won’t be gone for good. Followers who want to see what you’ve posted in the past will still be able to do so.

        Change your account to the one you wish to delete.

        Scroll down and click “Account Logout.”

You can choose Log Out of All Accounts if you want to clean up all your accounts. Deleting an account is also pretty easy compared to Facebook, but be careful. This will eliminate all the posts, remarks, and followers for that account for good.

        Go to the Instagram account, where you can delete your account.

        Sign in to the account that you want to Eliminate.

        Choose why you need to get rid of your account.

        Type in your password and click the Delete My Account button.

This can’t be done from within the Instagram app.


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